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Love Makes The Heart Smile...

...we love the things they do

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A place to share how your loved one makes your heart smile.
Welcome to the Love Makes The Heart Smile community.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could tell the world about something sweet/thoughtful/romantic that your significant other has done for you?
Here is the place to do it.

I have created this community in hopes that it will become a place where many people can share their love experiences with each other.

Please feel free to post about whatever your S/O has done for you that made your heart smile! :)

Community Rules:
-Do not flame other posters
-Any sexual content/foul language behind a cut
-Use cuts for lengthly stories
-Ensure photos are of a respectful size and are of appropriate content
-More than 3 photos belong behind a cut
-Posts are to be on topic. Keep off-topic discussions in the post comments.
-Please keep this community a happy place to visit!!!

**If/when the community grows in size, I will create a more formal rules list to post.